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Services include
No-Risk Money Back Guarantee after 1st Render Done
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Revisions
1 Job Submission at a time
Dedicated Account manager
No Contract
Great customer support
One-time payment

Standard Package

Hourly pay sucks. Don't you agree?
$ 549
  • Get access to the dedicated 3D team for 30 days
  • No monthly payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up it takes us one or two business days to process your request, after which you are all set to go.

Not at all, you are enrolled into a one-time payment which will give you access to a dedicated team for as long as one month. No need to cancel anything later – hassle free. And you can come back to us at any time later.

Absolutely no hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

We use Stripe/Paypal, a leading payment gateway to process payments. We don’t store or even see your credit card details. Stripe/Paypal stores them securely for us. Read more about their security standards and practices. For Stripe: ( For Paypal:

No. There is nothing to cancel. After one month, you own any render we did for you. If you will have more tasks for us, you just pay and book another month of your dedicated team, if not – come back to us anytime you need us. Keep in mind, we will not refund you any money if we have performed at least one task whether it was documentation checking or basic modeling…

I need more than two 3D visualization images. Most of the tasks I require can wait 3 to 5 days… If you find yourself agreeing with this, you will definitely benefit from being part of RenderBees.

Yes, our service is really unlimited. You’re not limited to the number of tasks or revisions you can send to us during a month, only the amount of tasks which are worked on simultaneously (right now – one), anything additional will be worked on consecutively.

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