Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up it takes us one or two business days to process your request, after which you are all set to go.

Not at all, you are enrolled into a one-time payment which will give you access to a dedicated team for as long as one month. No need to cancel anything later – hassle free. And you can come back to us at any time later.

Absolutely no hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

We use Stripe/Paypal, a leading payment gateway to process payments. We don’t store or even see your credit card details. Stripe/Paypal stores them securely for us. Read more about their security standards and practices. For Stripe: (https://stripe.com/help/security) For Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/al/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

No. There is nothing to cancel. After one month you own any render we did for you. If you will have more tasks for us, you just pay and book another month of your dedicated team, if not – come back to us anytime you need us.

Keep in mind, we will not refund you any money if we have performed at least one task whether it was documentation checking or basic modeling…

I need more than two 3D visualization images. Most of the tasks I require can wait 3 to 5 days… If you find yourself agreeing with this, you will definitely benefit from being part of RenderBees.

Yes, our service is really unlimited. You’re not limited to the number of tasks or revisions you can send to us, only the amount of tasks which are worked on simultaneously (right now – one), anything additional will be worked on consecutively.

Walkthroughs, flythroughs animations and 3D Virtual Tours are not covered at the moment. Anything that requires heavy rendering, like image resolution more than 5000px longer side is not included, otherwise, you are free to load in any job you wish. If you have something particular in mind before signing up feel free to ask: drop us a line

You pay a fixed fee (no contract) and have the ability to have 3D architectural jobs done over the course of a month. After you sign up, we have an onboarding process that allows us to understand your needs, what are you looking to achieve and how we can best create a solution through 3D visualization. From there you shoot over the jobs through e-mail. We receive your request and our 3D artists will generally finish the job. You’ll get the 3D visualization image back, do a final check, request a revision or give your thumbs up if you think we have arrived.

First of all, don’t worry! One of the beautiful things about RenderBees is there are no charges for revisions. Just let us know what you don’t like and we’ll get it fixed up. We will work on your task until you are 100% happy with it.

Our turnaround time depends on the project and the number of revisions. Usually, it’s between 3 – 5 days for most renders we do. General 3D visualization agency timelines are:

  • Initial documentation check: 1-2 business days
  • Modeling: depends on project complexity: 1 – 2 business days
  • Texturing: depends on project complexity: up to 3 business days
  • Lightning: 1 business day
  • Rendering: 1 business day
  • Design revision: 1-2 business days

But we will try to do everything within 3-5 business days…

No, sometimes you’ll get it quicker. If it’s only a simple photo-montage task, you’ll usually get it back quicker than 3 days. Equally, if it is a complex building, which requires a lot of modeling and texturing then it’s going to take longer than 3 days. Most jobs we turnaround in 3 days or less, if it is big, expect it to take a little longer. Also note we currently don’t work on weekends, and 3-5 days count only business days.

In some cases yes, and in some cases no! Our 3D Artists prioritize what they’re best at, which is why in most cases you will be communicating directly with a dedicated account manager.

It depends on your task. The more information you give us and the more detailed you are, the better. Usually, you should include this:

  • Description of what you need to get at the end. Inspiration or similar works…
  • Blueprints: best case dwg format, if you don’t have them – pdf format is also fine, but in this case, the modeling stage will be longer
  • If you have a 3D model ready, make sure it’s in proper format: *.fbx or *.3ds. If not, it’s a couple of mouse clicks for architects to export their model into a proper format. We don’t accept any other formats…
  • For interior renders: we should know at least your preferred color style. Keep in mind we won’t do heavy furniture modeling if you need a specific design style. In this case, it’s better to discuss in the custom proposal stage.
  • For exterior renders, make sure you have a landscape plan.
  • Will you use final renders in web or print? Max render size we do is 5000px longer side.

By default, we reserve the right to reproduce any and all designs created in print and electronic media for our promotional purposes only. If for any reason you don’t want this, you must explicitly tell us about this.

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